Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Genetic testing results are IN!!!

I must say that it's always great to hear good news!!!!  After a few rough and emotional days the last week, I finally get the call today I have been waiting for, from GENETICS.  The results for the genetic testing came back NEGATIVE - which means no mutations in my genes.  In other words this  means that I won't have to have the double mastectomy (the doctors referred to it as the Angelina surgery when we were there the first time).  It also means that Gracee and Madison are not at a high risk to have the same thing I have - and will not have to be tested, more than likely they will still be pre-screened at 40 (which is a LONG time).  What a relief!!!      

So we are on schedule with the plan - Wednesday afternoon they will inject blue dye (carolina blue - I hope) which helps the surgeon on Thursday to biopsy the nodes.  On Thursday morning bright and early (thinking 8am) - I will be the first surgery for Dr. Demore that day, which means I will have to be there prolly by 6:30am (yippeee).  I will have a lumpectomy to get this "unwelcomed thing" out of my right boob - we will have a biopsy of my lymph nodes as well and we will then be off to recover and get the first surgery over with!!!  8 days and counting I will be super excited to have it gone so we can move on to the next steps!!!!    Thank you lord for good news - you knew I needed it!!!  :) 


  1. Hooray for good news! Keeping you in my prayers Nikki!

  2. Yay!!!! You are in my prayers every day my friend <3