Friday, April 11, 2014

Day after my first surgery!!!

It's the day after my surgery and it's is going ok, I am in lots of pain - which means lots of pain meds which make me goofy!!!!   I didn't sleep great because I couldn't sleep on my side (neither one), so today I am resting.  

The surgeon took 3 lymph nodes and a mass the size of an acorn out during surgery yesterday the lymph nodes will be biopsied  - I will know those results when I go back on the 21st. I am praying that the nodes are clean.   Then I will see a Medical Oncologist to find out my treatment plans. 

I have to say a special thank you to Mark McKinney, he came to the hospital and prayed with me and everyone and I can tell you that made all the difference in the world.  Also thank you for spending the day with me, Britta, Kim, Christina, Karen, my mom and of course my hubby!!!  Thank you for all the prayers, calls, texts and card (I still get cards daily).  Thank you Kim Vaughn for spending the night with me, to make sure everything went smoothly.   My mom and sis are here today and I am relaxing.  I hope I didn't miss anyone - Love to you ALL!!!!!!

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  1. It's such a crazy life we live. You and I will be in the same boat. I never would've dreamed we would be on this kind of journey at the same time in our lives. I will be praying for you every day and I know in my heart you will be fine. Lots of love and hugs(just not real tight hugs).