Monday, March 24, 2014

God brought me to this I know he will bring me through it!!!

So for those that know me, know I love UNC - so we go to the starts out at 1:30 (I was on time) :)   I got my long list of appts and off I go.   I met with the genetics team - the reason for this is that when you are diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age, they want to test you and make sure its not in your genetics....super nice lady she reminded me alot of my hubbys dad, she had a very thick accent and you had to listen to her to understand her.  So she explained what they would do and I was good with her piece of the puzzle.  The Genetics lady is the one who told me what kind of cancer I had which is Invasive Ductal Carcinoma  - this is all we knew at this point.  So we have to have blood drawn today!    So next we see the radiation oncologist (who we liked) her name was Dr. Jayne, she actually is the one that sat down and explained to us the details of the cancer.  So then we see the surgeon - Dr. Nancy Demore - she examines me and explains to me a few things, at this point I have surgery on April the 10th for a lumpectomy and reconstruction.  Once the surgery is done and the pathology report comes back we will know then what my treatment will be.  We had genetic testing done on this day and if that comes back positive with certain genetics, my treatment and surgery will be totally different.  So for now we know what the cancer is and we know tentatively what my treatment will be.   

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  1. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!