Friday, March 21, 2014

The beginning of this Journey

So it all begins.....I first noticed a small lump on the day of Feb 23rd during a self exam - which might I add I rarely ever did.  I was out of town that weekend with some 31 girls and I just thought it was my imagination.  I got home that afternoon and told my hubby about it and of course he was (just like any other guy) very willing to check it out.  It seemed to be very small in size, but we both knew it was something to address.  On Monday I called Burlington imaging to get this appt going, I had never had a mammo so off I go to the appt on Friday Feb the 28th.  It was an experience - because I had found a lump they decided to do an ultrasound that day also.  We were told that day that I would need a biopsy - she felt 95% sure that it was benign but we still needed to check it out.  So I got names and who I needed to call and got the biopsy scheduled right away.     It was scheduled for March the 10th. On March the 10th I went for the procedure in Hillsborough at the new UNC facility.  I, at that time met with Susan Mckinney (Oncology Nurse Practitioner), then I moved upstairs to where the procedure would take place.  It didn't take very long and we were on our way back to Mebane - with no power (this was from the ice storm of 2014).  There would be results in the next 24-48 hours....... so we wait!!!!

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