Monday, March 24, 2014

First hearing the results

So throughout the week I had some kind of crazy reaction (had to be to the lidocaine) they used during my procedure, I know odd - sometimes for me nothing is easy, so I dealt with my lips being burnt,swollen and chapped painfully all week.  I finally called my OBGYN and she called me in some steroids to help my pain.   So Friday March the 14th comes around, I had not heard anything.  At this point I was getting relief from my lips, so I started to call for the results.  After 3 phone calls that day I finally got a phone call back at 4:55 that Friday afternoon.  I will never forget the phone call itself.  When she said I had BREAST CANCER, it seemed as all the words after were jumbled.  There wasn't any information given to me at that point.  I went into the weekend in a really confused state of mind.  I had no idea what would happen next.  

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