Thursday, July 3, 2014

It is this you-and-I together factor that gives you confidence to face the days to come!

It's Thursday after my treatment and I am feeling a lot better than the first treatment there are still a few bumps - but I am confident I can get over them.  I actually worked for a while yesterday - GOD is good!  Today I am home, a little dizzy and nauseated but I can do this!  I WILL TAKE BEING DIZZY ALL DAY OVER BEING SICK.  I read every day a book called Jesus Calling and Tuesday this week it has said transfer my burdens - I have had a much better few days!!! 

My doctors my decided to not give me the White Blood count booster shot called Nulasta (sp), due to my reaction last time....the rash was a sign, the  doctors were worried next time the reaction could be these last 2 AC treatments will be once every 3 weeks, so at least I will have alittle more normalcy until the next one (treatment date being July 22nd).  My system has a little more time to rebuild and the shots are not required with the 3 week chemo.   After these 2 last AC treatments I will start a every week Taxol chemo for 12 weeks.

I still am so very thankful for each of you and all your kind gestures, the gift cards, the money, the cards, the meals and most of all your prayers!  My family and I have been truly humbled by the ones who have gone out of their ways to help out!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! 

Love - Nikki 

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