Friday, May 2, 2014

News and second surgery update!

Hey everyone!!  I have some news to share, that I have waited to share until today - I wasn't really sure and didn't exactly know what to post - definitely alot of emotions these past 10 days.....I had 3 doctor appts last week, one of which was meeting my new medical oncologist Dr. Dees and her resident (loved them both).  I was very impressed by her, she was just what I needed to be the so called "captain of my ship".  I wasn't supposed to meet her until May 13th, but because I am SO inquisitive and had sooooo many questions, she saw me on Tuesday!  She answered alot of my questions and at this point we are still waiting on this test to return to UNC, she says with my numbers and everything she has read clinically, she DOES suggest chemotherapy (pretty bummed about this). But I will do what I have to do to have no chance of these EVER coming back - EVER!!!   There are alot of things to do before this starts and she will make the recommendation of which kind and how many treatments and all the specifics once we see this oncotype test and its results.  This test is fairly new and tells the doctors how much of a chance there is for the cancer to return anywhere in my body.  Tentatively chemo will start sometime around May 27th or first week of June. 

But first at hand is surgery on Monday - May 5th - I have to be at the ACC at 6:30am (thank goodness for early times).  My doctor will take more tissue out around where the lump was - she wants to have more pathology to make sure ALL margins are negative, then she will reconstruct and correct from the first surgery.  Surgery should take about 3-4hrs and I will stay overnight to make sure everything is going like it should. 

I once again want to THANK EVERYONE FOR EVERYTHING!  It is simply amazing the way people in my life have pulled together.   


  1.'ve got this, because He's got you and He's put you in with good folks, folks who know exactly what they're doing. I'll keep praying hard for you, honey. It's only going to make you stronger, I know! Keep that chin up and go show 'em how it's done!!!

  2. Thinking about you girl! You are strong and God has his mighty healing hand on you. Love ya!

  3. You are a strong woman and amazing mother and wife. With your family and friends by your side to support you any time you may need it, you will come out even better in the end. With an experience that will help make others strong as well. Thinking about you and your family.

  4. Praying as always Nik! I love ya...and you will beat this!