Tuesday, May 27, 2014

On the mend!

Hello everyone!!!  So it's been 3 weeks yesterday since I had my second surgery and lots has happened..so here we go - Dr. Damitz was my surgeon this time, who went in to, take more margins from the area of the cancer spot,  reconstruct and reduce (this needed to be done before treatments started - if you ask why now) however this did not happen according to plans.  Once Dr. Damitz had me in surgery she realized that the lump Dr. Demore had taken out was a pretty good size and the empty cavity had filled completely with fluid.  So her plan at that point changed.   She took more margins to make sure all cancer was gone - she just did the reconstruction.  This surgery was a lot more intense and I was very worried about recovery period, but I wasn't sick after surgery, I stayed to night at the hospital and my recovery time started.   So I am on the mend and doing great!

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